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Growth of a Bolonka Zwetna

Check your puppy's weight - With our growth statistics

Where does this weight curve come from?

From various sources we have evaluated the weights of Tsvetnaya Bolonkas of different ages. In total, over 1,000 individual data were collected.

On this basis, an "ideal curve" was calculated as well as an "ideal range”. All results are shown in this Puk's Tal infographic.

To get a grasp on how to use this graph, on the right is an example for a 9 month old puppy Bolonka. Approach in the same way for a Bolonka of any other age.

How to use this graph? (Exemplified for a 9 month Bolonka)

Ideal weight
The middle curve with the green boxes is the average weight curve for all Bolonkas. You may say it’s a kind of “ideal weight”. A Bolonka pup at 9 months old (or 39 weeks) will weigh on average about 3.2 kg.

Ideal range
9 month old pups with a weight of 2.7 kg to 3.7 kg would be in the "ideal range". This means, they are considered as adult Bolonkas to hit well within the breed ideal weight of 3 - 4 kg.

Your puppy’s weight is outside this range?
That’s very likely not a health problem and nothing to worry about. But it’s quite possible for your grown-up Bolonka not to hit the ideal weight range of 3 to 4 kg, as specified by the Bolonka breed standard.

Weight graph for Tsvetnaya Bolonka puppies

"Puppy relocation effect"

Our data showed an interesting effect, which we have called "puppy relocation effect":

At the age of about 9 weeks, most Bolonka puppies move to their new families. This incisive change affects the appetite of the little ones for a short time. Therefore, commonly an about 2-week slowdown of weight gain can be observed.

After having settled in well, the Bolonka puppy will grow significantly again.

Final weight of adult Tsvetnaya Bolonkas

According to the RKF breed standard, an adult Tsvetnaya Bolonka should weigh ideally 3 to 4 kg, so on average 3.5 kg. This requirement is also included in this growth curve.

Bolonka Zwetna weight table

Some basic parameters of the weight curve above are presented accessibly in this weight table:

Age of
Bolonka Zwetna puppy
Lower weight Average weight Upper weight
8 weeks 1.0 kg 1.3 kg 1.6 kg
3 months (resp. 13 weeks) 1.5 kg 1.9 kg 2.3 kg
6 months (resp. 26 weeks) 2.3 kg 2.8 kg 3.3 kg
12 months (1 year) 2.9 kg 3.4 kg 3.9 kg
15 months (resp. 65 weeks) 3.0 kg 3.5 kg 4.0 kg

Birth weight of the pups and later adult weight

The weight at birth also depends on non-hereditary factors, such as the number of littermates, or controlling of birth weight by the mother dog.

Therefore, the puppy’s birth weight does not say anything about the adult weight of the dog.

Not before the age of 3 - 4 weeks, a first trend can be recognized. The older the puppy, the better you can predict the later adult weight.

In our opinion, at 8 - 9 weeks at the earliest, you can make first usable predictions.